Snapcard Lite
  • Snapcard Lite
    8 Cards 8 Designs/ Set

    RMB 30.9

    7.2 x 10.8 cm

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What is SnapCard?

SnapCard, Capture your photographic moments quickly with cards!
Tintint helps you turn iPhone/Facebook photos into cards
Collect and preserve your most complete memories.

Dimensions - Compact, great for collecting and sharing
SnapCard = 7.2 x 10.8 cm
Paper - Graceful & elegant art card stock
Unique paper grain makes postcards feel warm and touchable.
SnapCard(Trial Version) - 8 cards per set
8 sets of 8 cards each: 7 with different front photos, 1 with shared back, and 1 catalog.

16 sets of 16 cards each: 16 with different front photos, 1 with shared back, and 1 catalog.

60 cards in one set: One photo on the front, text description on the back, shareable with more friends.
Various theme styles with diverse design templates
Festive edition / Brand edition / Collaborative illustrations, multiple design frames to decorate photos and add fun.
Brand collaboration、Enterprise bulk procurementMarketing collaboration,Contact us >>
Index - Print all your favorite photos on one card
Gather 7 photos into a catalog, clear and concise, and keep the most essential card for yourself as a collection.