How to collect each stage of your baby's growth

  • Party-loving parents, Sharing enthusiasts
  • Personalized frame templates, DIY design.
  • Set of 15 with complimentary envelope and stickers
  • Convenient frames for busy parents
  • Kodak photo paper, quality assured
  • Matte or glossy finish, your choice of material
  • Lots to say to baby
  • Love textured, warm, delicate paper
  • Customizable Belly-band color
  • Love to share baby's adorable moments
  • Decorating space with baby's growth milestones
  • Create Baby Announcement Card with baby photos and write blessings or thanks on the back to give to friends and family
  • A few quirky preferences
  • Preference for Fine Textured Paper
  • Love baby photos anytime
  • 5 minutes to complete quickly
  • Can select preferred wood frame color.
  • Favorite baby/family photos decoration.


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Make Your Own Photo Book