You can print your own creations at TinTint and sell your excellent projects at TinTint Bookstore.

TinTint Bookstore can assist you...

Limited stock

Print-to-Sell: No Inventory, No Worries

No worries about shipping

TinTint can assist with payment and logistics, saving your manpower

Guaranteed Quality

From material selection to production management, TinTint ensures book quality.

Earn royalties from your creations.

Build up resources from your creations, fueling ongoing inspiration!

How to become part of the author community?

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Book Production

Choose your desired project and edit your project online with Tintint.

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Fill out the form

Let us know you'd like to join as an author at TinTint Bookstore through the form below.

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Personalized contact and review

Once approved by TinTint Bookstore, we'll contact you for publishing details


List for sale and profit-sharing.

We will assist you in listing and selling your works, and you'll earn a share of the sales

Everyone can publish!

Welcome all passionate creators willing to share their projucts to join the TinTint Bookstore author community!

Once you have 【published a project】 with TinTint, you can apply to join as an author. Upon receiving your application and approval, our team will contact you.