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    14.4 x 19.2 cm

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Pages: 40 ~ 120Add 8 pages once
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Repetitive testing of layout proportions.

#Asia's first AI-powered automatic layout system!

Amazingly fast
automated layouts.

an #IGBookAuthor
in as little as 10 minutes!

120 pages
of flexible space.

Capacity for up to

approximately A5-sized portrait type
14.4 x 19.2 cm perfect bound
Perfect reading size
auto layout compositions
Import Instagram posts
in a mere 45 seconds!
Automatically import photos, dates, text, hashtags, and the most popular emoji icons!

Special note:
Due to IG's official privacy restrictions, locations, likes, and comments cannot be imported.
26 cover options to flexibly pair
to your heart's delight
12 gradient colors, 6 Morandi colors,
8 IG colors, Create your own distinct cover style.

Popular hashtags #BESTNINE
Choose any 9 photos to automatically form your BEST NINE.
Automatically group your photos
by year
Link each story in successive story chapters.
Inner pages
Just the right balance of blank space for an attractive photo collage
Automatically arranges 1 to 6 photos on a page.
Easy adjustments - zoom in and out,
change photos, add and remove text.
Number of pages
Attractive texture and weight
40 - 120 pages, add 8 pages each time.
You decide the right balance of content and aesthetics.
Paper quality
Art paper that feels warm and readable
Paper with good ink absorption, bright colors, and moderate thickness.
Beautiful moments should be appreciated all the time.

A virtual social network is turned into a reassuring physical book
Now everyone can be an author

For every detail in printing, TinTint has prepared everything you need!
spine / page number / author / copyright page.

AI-powered automated layouts,
no need to manually re-format!

Place an order now for the Instagram Book set!
Automatically generate into notebooks and wooden frames in 1 second.
Decorate your living space with your favorite IG photos.
Social Network Book Series
Turn IG/FB posts into a Photo Book
Whether its Instagram or Facebook,
automatically transform your posts into a book. It's never been easier!

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Chin Yu Zheng
Although they are all my own posts, it's super touching to turn it into a physical book! The cover is a bold choice of gradient color, super beautiful, and the print quality is great. I can't wait to print another copy!
Editing photo books has never been easier! The only difficult decision you have to make is probably choosing the color of the cover ~ ha! Highly recommended for people who use IG as a diary: Choose dark green as your cover color
It's a great choice for those who are used to using IG to record life moments! You can quickly organize your travels and life into a book, where the single and double column switch design for editing is great, so you can have more space to present your photos! The gradient color cover is also very IG style✨!
Selina Kuan