Complete membership tasks and enjoy membership benefits

  • Mission:Fill in Your Birthday

    Provide your birth date, and you'll receive a special birthday gift during your birthday month!

    Steps: valid till Account >  Fill in Your Birthday >  Save >  OK!

  • Mission:Verify your phone number

    Verify your primary email to receive order inquiries, convenience store logistics SMS notifications, and event-winning notifications.

    Steps: valid till Mobile binding page >  Get verification code >  SMS verification confirmation >  OK!

  • Mission:Verify your primary email address

    To ensure that you receive important order updates and discount notifications!

    Steps: valid till Confirmation Email Page >  Send confirmation email >  Click the confirmation link >  OK!

  • Mission:Install the TinTint app

    Make a photo book directly from your phone photos, easy and convenient.
    (iPhone / Android)

    Steps: Open the app >  Account >  Log in to your account >  OK!

  • Other tasks will be added soon ...

Make Your Own Photo Book