Page Numbers

Full Spread

Copyright Page

Perfect Binding



Dimensions - Slightly under A5, landscape, softcover

Shashinbook = 19.2 x 14.4 cm

Width - Wide scope, extend your vision

Wide-angle photo for one page, surround photography for two pages. You can display different kinds of photos in different ways.

Paper - Glossy coated paper

Smooth paper with gentle coloring, every page is gorgeous and visually stunning.

Binding - Perfect binding, simple and clear

Glossy coated paper, easy to flip.

Cover - Matte PP coating, 3 layouts available

Photos + book title = your own style of cover!

書背 書名與作者,放在書架輕鬆找

Horizontal writing for English, vertical writing for Mandarin. Easy to find your books.

Preface - Thoughts, idea, self-introduction

The cover is printed on both sided, which gives you a bigger space to write about yourself. Before the story starts, say something to your reader.

Layout - Eye-catching, photo-only exhibition space


Page Numbers - Quickly find your favorite paragraphs

From the first page to the last, page numbers put your memories in order.