喜歡的照片 + 標題,筆記本主題自己決定
  • 手帳
  • 書寫紙
  • 直式
  • 騎馬釘裝
  • Notebook
    NT$199 169

    11 x 14.4 cm

  • Diary

    12.5 x 17.7 cm

內頁頁數:60 頁 ( Price List )
Page Type
  • 筆記本 (HALF/EIGHT/LINE) NT$199 169
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手機 App 製作

Using your own photos to make a Notebook is really wonderful!

Select your favorite photos and label them with a caption, determine your own notebook theme.
This special notebook can be used for:
parenting notes, travel planning, wedding planning, revenue records and whatever you desire!

Dimensions - Portable, suitable to put in a bag

10.8 x 14.4 cm

外觀 書套 + 自選封面 / 內頁 = 我的專屬筆記本

Bookcover with an extra protective layer, great for storing ticket stubs and small belongings.

Pages - Multiple sheet designs to choose from


Layout - More than 10 different cover layouts


Binding - Pages can be opened completely flat

Saddle stitching allows for easy drawing or note-taking.


Just a single photo. Make an exclusive gift for yourself or friends!

TinTint - Make You Own Photo Book!