What is Lay Flat Book?

Square Book is like your own private theater, showing the best scenes from your memories.
It can be opened flat on your desk.
Record each and every wonderful moment with photos, texts and pictures.
You can make one for yourself, or it would make an excellent customized gift to share with others.

NEW Proudly introducing 2015 new product: Lay Flat Hardcover Portrait Book-L.  More...

尺寸 正方形開本,精巧有份量的收藏本

Lay Flat Squarebook  14.6 x 14.6 cm
Lay Flat Squarebook-L 21 x 21 cm
Lay Flat Hardcover Portrait Book-L 21 x 29 cm

Design - Thick Pages + Matte Bookcover = Lay Flat Book

Heavyweight art paper for exhibition in pure white and a wonderful to handle matte jacket, which protects pages from spillages. A perfect mix of high-quality materials.

Binding - Sturdy board book binding

Squarebook's seamless craftsmanship allows you to open the book completely flat without damaging the spine. Ideal for a two-page panorama.

Pages - Heavyweight art paper with great texture

0.5 mm per page, excellent quality and easy to flip through.
Make your photos stand out, even a lot of blank space can be beautiful!

Preface - Your own space to introduce yourself

Before the story starts, say something to your reader.






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