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康橋國際學校 吳媽媽


介壽國中 管樂團長


輔仁大學 EMBA 李班代


【學習紀錄】精裝書系列 / 主題本 88 折,全站滿千免運

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My personalized graduation yearbook: A treasure trove of memories captured in photos

Teacher: Individualized yearbook for each student.
Mom: Child's personal growth and learning record.

A comprehensive class graduation yearbook with dedicated pages for each student

School yearbook: No longer want to see just two photos of me, and it cost a fortune!

Graduation special templates: Easy to use, even if you're not a designer!

No worries about layout or inspiration! Just prepare your photos, choose a graduation template, and create a yearbook in just 10 minutes!

Captures the essence of our club's journey, preserving memories, and strengthening our bond

This club achievement showcase and graduation yearbook will witness our unwavering beliefs, deep camaraderie, and everlasting friendships.

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