Lay Flat Square Book
  • Lay Flat Square Book
    (Matte Bookcover with Jacket)


    14.6 x 14.6 cm

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  • Lay Flat Square Book-L
    (Matte Bookcover with Jacket)


    21 x 21 cm

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  • Lay Flat Hardcover Portrait Book-L
    (Silky Bookcover with Jacket)


    21 x 29 cm

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Pages:16 ~ 40


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【印照片留回憶】書類 $688 免運,相片沖印 8 折

- 優惠期間:2024/3/1 (五) - 2024/3/24 (日)
- 優惠內容:相片書類滿 $688 免運,相片沖印 8 折

What is Lay Flat Book?

The pages can be fully spread out.
Record each and every wonderful moment with photos, texts and pictures.
Suitable for personal collection, and also makes a great gift.

Lay Flat Hardcover Portrait Book-L  More

Dimensions - Small & square in shape
Squarebook   14.6 x 14.6 cm
Squarebook-L 21 x 21 cm
Hardcover Portrait Book-L 21 x 29 cm
Design - Thick Pages + Matte Bookcover = Lay Flat Book
Heavyweight art paper for exhibition in pure white and a wonderful to handle matte jacket, which protects pages from spillages. A perfect mix of high-quality materials.
Binding - One-piece binding with seamless design
Squarebook's seamless craftsmanship allows you to open the book completely flat without damaging the spine. Ideal for a two-page panorama.

Pages - Heavyweight art paper with great texture

0.5 mm per page, excellent quality and easy to flip through.
Make your photos stand out, even a lot of blank space can be beautiful!
Preface - Your own space to introduce yourself
Before the story starts, say something to your reader.
Present your most treasured and important pictures in a large size, make them more impressive!
Astonishing wide photos that are easy to complete!
Turn precious and irreplaceable memories into a >Lay Flat Square Book!
It's easy to create a professional-looking collection for yourself, or to give away as a unique gift!