• Shashinbook

    NT$ 699

    19.2 x 14.4 cm

    Send by post NT$ 60
    (7 working days after payment)
  • Hardcover Shashinbook

    NT$ 1,495 $

    26 x 19.5 cm

    Send by post NT$ 100
    (7 working days after payment)
  • Hardcover Shashinbook-M

    NT$ 1,011 $

    19.2 x 14.4 cm

    Send by post NT$ 100
    (7 working days after payment)
  • Shashinbook Portrait L
    Hardcover without dust jacket

    NT$ 1,231 $

    19.5 x 26 cm

    Send by post NT$ 100
    (7 working days after payment)
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Page count: 40 to 80 pages.


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Dimensions - Slightly under A5, landscape, softcover
Shashinbook = 19.2 x 14.4 cm
Width - Wide scope, extend your vision
Wide-angle photo for one page, surround photography for two pages. You can display different kinds of photos in different ways.
Paper - Glossy coated paper
Smooth paper with gentle coloring, every page is gorgeous and visually stunning.
Binding - Perfect binding, simple and clear
Glossy coated paper, easy to flip.
Cover - Matte PP coating, 3 layouts available
Photos + book title = your own style of cover!
Book spine displays book title and author, making it easy to find on the bookshelf
Horizontal writing for English, vertical writing for Mandarin. Easy to find your books.
Preface - Thoughts, idea, self-introduction
The cover is printed on both sided, which gives you a bigger space to write about yourself. Before the story starts, say something to your reader.
Layout - Eye-catching, photo-only exhibition space
Full-page visuals create a stunning visual impact
Page Numbers - Quickly find your favorite paragraphs
From the first page to the last, page numbers put your memories in order.

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