• 進口相紙
  • 數位沖印
  • 雙環裝
  • 橫式
  • Photo Prints 4x6
    RM 0.5

    15.2 x 10.2 cm

    Send by Post RM 10.5 (4 天寄出)
  • Flipbook
    RM 32.9

    15.2 x 10.2 cm

    Send by Post RM 10.5 (7 天寄出)
內頁頁數:20 ~ 44 頁 ( Price List )
  • Flipbook RM 32.9
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手機 App 製作

「隨手翻」經典 4 x 6 相片裝訂成冊

Upload a few photos, edit on the internet, then receive your flipbook.
Save time for your afternoon tea!

Dimensions - Classic size: 4x6

15.2 x 10.2 cm,20 ~ 44 頁

內頁相紙 光澤感「亮面」 / 氣質「霧面」自由選擇


特別說明 : 2017/1/16 起因 [4x6 霧面相紙] 紙張缺料,暫時無法選擇,另 [光面相紙] 正常供應中 !

Binding - Spiral binding

Double - sided Tag + transparent plastic cover

Record - From the front cover, the content, to the postscript; make your album more complete!

Write your story with photos and texts. Make photos of your pets, travels and events into a memorable book.

Simple Production - Click the mouse, select photos... just a few steps to complete!

Have a cup of coffee, relax, and wait for your "Flipbook" at home!

Free Style

Backgrounds, stickers, text frames, freedom of typography. Show your photos in a lively and interesting way.


Rounded corner, blank space, or full-page. Design each page with the most appropriate style.


You can choose a single photo, or make a collage of photos on one page.

TinTint - Make You Own Photo Book!