Classic Clothbound Portrait Book
  • Classic Clothbound Portrait Book

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    14.4 x 19.2 cm

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【畢業紀念】文庫本 / 寫真本 / 木框畫 / 卡片 9 折,滿千免運,滿三千折 $300

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- 畢業禮物:木框畫 / 快拍卡 / 卡片 9 折
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Classic Clothbound Portrait Book

Cloth binding is one of the classical Western bookbinding methods.
With the addition of glossy paper for the interior pages, this is also a classic style for modern hardcover books.

Size - Approximately A5 vertical, classic and elegant, perfect for collection
14.4 x 19.2 cm
Velvet photo sticker surface + textured cloth
Handmade and environmentally friendly fabric book cover provides sturdy
and durable protection for your book.Delicate and soft touch. Non-reflective and not easily scratched.
Hardcover cover, color options are available for free selection
Lively ginger yellow / Elegant ink black

The imported glossy copperplate paper used for the inner pages enhances the color fidelity and details

Smooth paper with gentle coloring, every page is gorgeous and visually stunning.
Graduation memories, family portraits, collect each other's most precious moments
Remember the beautiful moments we shared with photos. See the exclusive campus offers ▶