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Glossy Coated Paper


可加購書套 (大)
尺寸 大本厚實,小本精巧的精裝收藏書
小精裝寫真本 = 19.2 x 14.4 cm,約 A5 橫式。好攜帶,好分享。
精裝寫真本 = 26 x 19.5 cm,大本橫式。盛大感動,精緻收藏。
書衣 精裝寫真本專屬亮面書衣,給書本藏書級的保護
多層次質感, 保護書冊不沾汙, 給重要的回憶最好的待遇 (小精裝寫真本不含書衣)
Binding - Harcover, opens flat on your desk
Read all the contents of a page and easily flip to the next one.
Design - Hardcover
Give your photo book full protection.
Width - Wide scope, extend your vision
Wide-angle photo for one page, surround photography for two pages. You can display different kinds of photos in different ways.
Paper - Glossy coated paper
Smooth paper with gentle coloring, every page is gorgeous and visually stunning.
Cover - Polypropylene coating, 3 layouts available
Photos + book title = your own style of cover!
Spine - Book title and author’s name listed
Horizontal writing for English, vertical writing for Mandarin. Easy to find your books.
Preface - Your own space to introduce yourself
Before the story starts, say something to your reader.
Layout - Eye-catching, photo-only exhibition space
Create stunning images that fill the whole page. A photo without a caption can be more prominent!
Page Numbers - Quickly find your favorite paragraphs
From the first page to the last, page numbers put your memories in order.