Dimensions - Approx. 4”x6”, perfect photo presentation

Postcard = 14.4 x 10.8 cm

Paper - Graceful & elegant art card stock

Unique paper grain makes postcards feel warm and touchable.

Layout - Redefine your photos

Make your photos different with a variety of layouts, text frames and stickers.

Sender - It's easy to identify who sent the postcard!

Surprise your friends with a creative, personalized signature.

張數 八款 8 張 / 單款 60 張,正反面皆可創作

一組 8 張明信片訴說 8 個故事,或單款大量製作,與更多好朋友分享

主題 「新年」主題新推出!親手做最特別的賀年卡

用開心合照 + 問候話語,給予最暖心的祝福!

主題 多款「婚禮」主題,輕鬆設計專屬的婚卡


Optional - Milk tea / red hibiscus envelopes