• Poster

    NT$ 299

    30 x 45 cm

    Send by post NT$ 150
    (7 working days after payment)
  • Poster

    NT$ 599

    30 x 45 cm

    Send by post NT$ 150
    (7 working days after payment)
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Poster theme

Multiple style templates.
Done in 5 minutes.
Collage multiple posters.
Match with 「Wooden hanging scroll」 to display easily

Simple way to present beauty
Fill photo, Wide scope
30 x 45 cm,Choose a portrait / landscape
High-quality card stock
The paper has a noticeable texture and good ink absorption, resulting in rich and stable colors.
Various layouts to choose from
With just one photo and 5 minutes, choose from a variety of styles to create your unique piece.
Calendar theme
Limited time poster themes, practical and stylish
The 12 months are presented at once, with a universal calendar that is not limited by country.
Saturdays and Sundays are displayed in red font for clarity on weekends.
* Release period announced on official website

Purchase wooden hanging scrolls
The original wood magnetic clip design, displays large paper images when unfolded

Natural wood grain resembling copper wire effect, slightly glossy, each scroll painting is unique.
* Additional purchase required, suitable for both vertical/horizontal posters, scroll length 30cm.
Selecting carving
'Engraved Wooden Hanging Scroll' adds a unique and subtle texture for an enhanced quality feel
A memorable quote, the company brand name, visible throughout the entire year
* Additional charges apply for this option.

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