• Fastbook Softcover - A5 (M)

    NT$ 749

    14.4 x 19.2 cm

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    (7 working days after payment)
  • Fastbook Softcover - A4 (L)

    NT$ 1,099

    19.5 x 26 cm

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    (7 working days after payment)
  • Fastbook Hardcover - A4 (L)

    NT$ 1,231 $

    19.5 x 26 cm

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Pages: 40 ~ 120Add 8 pages once
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「Fastbook」 upgraded
. New of large size Softcover - A4(L)
. Better paper, more vibrant colors.
. Max page increased to 120 pages.
. Display post likes!
. Smarter AI automatic layout
Fastbook, turn Facebook into a book

Do you like writing diaries on Facebook?

You can turn your Facebook into a book in just a few minutes! Select the posts and albums you want,and let Fastbook automatically create a beautifully designed book for you.
Much anticipated,
Fastbook's new large size is here!

Large (L) : 19.5 x 26.0 cm (approximately A4) softcover/hardcover
Medium (M) : 14.4 x 19.2 cm (approximately A5) softcover
Continuing the classic design style of Bunko

Fastbook is designed to resemble a book.
It is modeled after a Bunko(L) and adjusted to be more suitable for thick pages,light and easy to read, called 'Bunko Lite'. It can be collected together with other Bunko in the same series.

Further reading 「Fastbook」 and 「Bunko-L」differ in their features

Hardcover vs Softcover

Hardcover is crafted by hand to protect the book like a collector's item.
Softcover is easy to read and handle, even with many pages.
Automatically insert Facebook information to complete the cover design, making it easy

Automatically reads profile picture, cover photo, name, and other public information. Of course, you can adjust it anytime.
Choose between large or medium book according to your preference
Medium books are easy to store,
while large books offer a larger viewing area with more space for photos and posts
AI Intelligent Layout
Select the post album you want to print, and a book will be automatically created

Select posts based on year and month to preserve memories and records completely.
Free Adjustment
You can freely add or delete text and photos, and enlarge your favorite photos

Adjust easily. Maintain multiple photos on one page , orenlarge favorite photos. Upload new photos and add text at any time
Landmarks, Dates, and Likes
Complete recording of important information

Record all the places you've been to, photos you've taken, and stories and feelings you've written down without missing a word!
Record important life milestones according to time
Choose from more than 20 colors and collect them all to make a rainbow!

Choose colors that match from the cover to the inside pages for a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look.
You can also choose your preferred font and font size.

Page Count, up to 120 pages
Important memories need more space to be collected

40-120 pages, with increments of 8 pages.
Softcover binding for easy and light page flipping.
Paper Quality
Simple and gentle art paper

Lightweight and non-reflective paper that is suitable for a large number of text and photos, with moderate thickness for easy flipping.

Just like a book,
no detail is overlooked, and everyone can be a writer

Top: Preface/Introduction
Bottom left: Page numbers/headers
Bottom right: Afterword/Copyright page
Other features

- Support for personal accounts/fan pages
  (but not yet support for groups)
- Support for emoji symbols
- Display of post 'likes'
- One book printing, shipping to Taiwan,
 Hong Kong, and worldwide
Further reading
Differences between Fastbook and Bunko

- Mostly similar to Bunko
- Size:
 Fastbook M is the same size as
- Paper quality: Both use art paper
- Cover: Matt film protection

Fastbook also offers Fastbook (L)
(about A4/hardcover)

Dust jacket and belly band:
Fastbook does not have a dust jacket/belly band

Page count:
Fastbook 40-120 pages
Bunko 32-80 pages

Binding: Fastbook (L) also has a hardcover option


我承認我超愛“點點印”,恰好他們終於研發了facebook 所記錄的圖文製作書籍,我喜歡用影像記錄生活雜事,這是當母親的我留下給他們的回憶。
#fastbook 真的是宇宙無敵霹靂快速成書的神器~!因為平常就都有在FB記錄著大小事,這次就咻~咻~咻~~~立刻完成了四年間的紀錄書,把一本本拿在手上翻閱,非常有fu啊~!

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