Keep classmate friendship in yearbook! Happy graduation!

Print and frame our photos as a graduation gift!

  • Make Your School Yearbooks

    【畢冊】文庫本 / 寫真本 / 布幀本 9 折,拍拍卡加購 75 折,滿千免運

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    - 文庫本 / 寫真本 / 布幀本 / 隨手翻系列 9 折
    - 下單文庫 / 寫真 / 布幀本任一產品,加購拍拍卡 75 折
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    Make your own yearbook

    • Yearbooks for each of your best friends

      Put our school story in 'Bunko-L' with different colors of book waist!

    • Capture the highlights of clubs and classes

      Record club and class activities with a 'Shashinbook'.

    • Put important memories in a Hardcover Shashinbook

      Create a personalized yearbook with different sizes of 'Hardcover Shashinbook'.

    • Save your life milestones with a classic design.

      Save everything happened at school with classmates in 'Shashinbook Portrait L'


    Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

    Other Projects

    Forever young, together we stay

    Classmate & Friend Wishes Yearbook

    • Collect group photos of
      classmates and teachers in the yearbook

    • Uplode photos,
      type in text.
      Online editing in a snap!

    • Photobook delivered
      in 7-10 days

    • Use our photos together
      Let's celebrate our graduation!